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New Cars

As a licensed New Car Broker, we have detailed information on every make & model of vehicle in the market. We will go over this information with you and help you decide which vehicles would best meet your needs and desires based on your individual driving habits.

Unlike a traditional franchise auto dealer, we have no interest in pushing you toward one particular brand, so you are getting a truly unbiased opinion. When acquiring your new car through us, you'll be eligible for the same manufacturer's incentives you could get through a franchise dealer, whether it be rebates, low-interest financing, lease programs or even extended warranty’s. We will help you determine which program makes the most sense for your particular needs and driving habits. As for the price, we often can save you money because, as an organization that represents thousands of customers, we have considerably more clout than an individual buyer.

To help you finalize your decision, we can arrange test drives for you. We will set up an appointment with our manufacturer's fleet rep at his office and you can test drive the car there. This way you won’t have to go through the usual lengthy process of dealing with the sales department before you get to drive it.

The beauty of all this is that you will only need one relationship (with us) instead of having to develop one relationship for each brand you are considering.